Axter Aerospace among the Top 4 Industrial Revolution Awards at The South Summit 2015

Axter Aerospace participated in the fourth edition of The South Summit 2015 held in the Community of Madrid, in the category of Industrial Revolution, being among the 4 finalists thanks to its hybrid propulsion system for light aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, which guarantees a safe landing in case of failure of the main engine, giving the pilot 20 extra minutes to make a safe descent. It also reduces the costs of maintenance, operations and fuselage, as well as decreases the emission of pollutants into the environment.

The South Summit is a meeting promoted by Spain Startup which seeks the 100 best business initiatives in Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean; through a start-up competition dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs with a large number of investors, entrepreneurs and speakers. After an intense process of selection made by investors and corporations in search of innovation, the governing board of Spain Startup selected the hundred final projects among the more than 1,800 submitted to the competition. Among the finalists there were 62 Spanish projects divided into several categories: Healthcare & BioTech, Software for the big players, Hardware & connected things, Digital Media for mass markets and Industrial Revolution.

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