Axter Aerospace successfully exhibits its Hybrid system in Paris Airshow Le Bourget

AXTER Aeroespace shows the first hybrid sport aircraft at the Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2015.

Axter Aerospace, presented together with CT engineering group, its system at Paris Air Show Le Bourget. The AXTER system is the first hybrid aviation system capable of adding 40 hp extra to the combustion engine for short takeoffs, high climb rates or compensation for engine power loss during the hottest months.


In addition, the AXTER system allows you to continue flying for 20 minutes in case of failure of the combustion engine, which allows you to land in a safe place or return to the aerodrome in case of failure during takeoff.

Only with the electric motor the airplane is able to ascend to 200ft / min a. During the time in which the AXTER system is not used, it regenerates the batteries for being 100% charged. During taxiing on land or approaching the aerodrome, the system saves fuel and engine maintenance hours when the electric motor of the AXTER system is the one that moves the aircraft or makes it fly to the runway. All the technology has been developed exclusively for aeronautics. The system will be ready for commercialization by autumn 2015.

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