Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AX-40S system?

The AX-40S system is a hybrid motor system for light airplanes capable of increasing the power on takes-offs (up to 40hp electric) or during flight. The system improves safety by allowing 20 minutes of full autonomy in electric mode in the event of engine failure, it reduces maintenance costs and fuel usage by being able to be used electrically and the system reduces noise levels, permitting it to be landed in aerodromes with noise limitations.

How does the AX-40S system work?

To initiate and engage the AXTER electric motor system, one only needs to turn switch on the instrument panel. The AXTER system can be used in takeoff, flight and landing phases by itself or together with the gasoline engine.

What certifications prove the product?

The AX-40S product is accredited with the operation license issued by the Spanish Agency of Aerial Certification.

What type of airplanes can this be installed in?

It can be installed in any plane with a Rotax 912 or 914 motor and in any experimental aircraft or aircraft that is CS-VLA (Very Light Aircraft) certified. Soon the system will be able to be coupled with motors such as: Lycoming, Continental, Jabiru, D-motors, Simonini, etc. Tell us what is the engine of your light aircraft and we will tell you how to incorporate it.

What do I need to install it onto my plane?

To install the product on an aircraft it is necessary to begin the modification request jointly with the aviation safety authority in the country in which the airplane is registered. Axter Aerospace provides all the documentation required for each country in order to obtain the certification.

Is the AX-40S system compatible with planes with variable pitch propellers?

Certainly. It is compatible and it can be used in all types of fixed pitch propellers (FPP) or controllable pitch propellers (CPP).

How is the AX-40S system sold?

It is sold in a kit and can be installed easily by anyone with some technical knowledge.

What type of maintenance does the AX-40S require?

It does not require any type of programmed maintenance.

How much does the AX-40S system cost?

The price of the kit is 23,499 euros.

How can I get information to buy the system?

You can buy the system directly from us by getting in contact with us through this form.

Need more information?

Write to us here and we will respond as soon as possible.

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