The first hybrid propulsion system designed to prevent engine failure accidents in flight.


Add up to 40CV (30Kw) of combustion engine extras for short take-offs, high ascent ratios or compensation of the main engine power loss during the hottest months.  

Increases flight safety, allowing for 202 minutes of continuous flying in the event of combustion engine failure so that the airplane can land in a safe place or return to the aerodrome in case of failure during takeoff. The 20 minutes of energy can be managed as the pilot requires. You can reserve part of the energy for the landing if the proximity is short, or take the plane at its maximum glide speed, saving energy and having more flying time.



The system can be recharged in flight as well as on the ground. During the time when the AX-40S Hybrid System is not used, it regenerates the batteries so that they are always 100% charged.


 The AX-40S is compatible with Fixed Pitch Propellers and Controllable Pitch Propellers.

All the technology has been developed exclusively for aeronautics. The product has successfully passed a team qualification process that includes analysis, laboratory testing and flight testing.

The AX-40S product is certified in Spain and is in the process of obtaining European certification.


The AX-40S adds the fully electric operation function to the aircraft without the need to start the gasoline engine. A fully electric ground-roping operation reduces fuel consumption and maintenance of the gasoline engine.

The amount of energy stored in the battery equals four liters of gasoline, which can be charged on ground for very little money (less than € 0.5). In total, the energy stored in the battery is equivalent to € 5 in gasoline with a real cost of € 0.5. The use of this energy in flight is equivalent to a saving of € 4.5 per flight.


1 The maximum power can be adjusted according to the needs of the client up to a maximum of 55 hp. To calculate the actual performance of the electric motor compared to a combustion engine, according to the tests performed, a 40 hp electric engine is equal to a 60hp combustion engine. 2 The flight time depends on the aerodynamic efficiency of the plane.

AX-40S Hybrid Propulsion System


Tecnam P92 test aircraft can rise to 200 feet per minute with a speed of 135km per hour using the electric engine only. In addition, it has a 10 minutes of straight and leveled flight autonomy within the fully electric mode. While the AX-40S system is not in use, it recharges the batteries for them to be completely ready.

The AX-40S kit is available and ready to install in any aircraft.


AX-40S System


Tools Panel AX-40S

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