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Since the Wright brothers patented the airplane just 110 years ago, the planes have operated with a single engine, until two Spanish engineers had the idea of ​​placing a second engine which in case of  failure will be activated, in an invention that  has already crossed the pond after its sales in Brazil.

It all came about when Miguel Suarez, an aeronautical engineer with a private pilot’s license, proposed to fly around to a work colleague, Daniel Cristóbal, an electronic engineer from Madrid, worried that the device would flew with only one engine in case of failure in flight.

In case of breakdown, “there is a procedure whereby the pilot has to land as he can,” Suarez replied, as he explained in an interview with EFE, in a response that did not satisfy Cristóbal at all.

From there, they turned the issue around until they decided to set up the Axter Aerospace company in 2011, from where they have developed a hybrid propulsion system for light aircraft similar to electric vehicles.

This project has been forged until today, when they have already sold three units of these devices: two in Spain, two individuals, and one in the United Kingdom, to the University of Cranfield.

They have also closed sales agreements for a fourth unit in Brazil, with the company Sector Aircraft, which depending on the reception of its customers “will ask for more or not.”

This system has also caused excitement in the United States and are in talks to close more sales, he said.

Belen Molleda.

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