The first hybrid system in the world for aircraft.

Add up to extra 40 CV to your combustion engine, recharge the system during flight and if the engine fails, use it up to 20 minutes* to make a safe landing.
We at AXTER Aerospace share the strong belief that the latest technologies should be environmentally friendly.
Our team is made up of ex-engineers from Airbus and the company CT Ingenieros, the principal subcontractor for Airbus in systems engineering and aeronautical structures.
The AXTER Aerospace Research and Development (R&D) department continues to make improvements to the AX-40S Hybrid System meeting the strict requirements of our clients.
Air Safety
At AXTER Aerospace, we believe in the improvement of aircraft safety. The safer, the better.
We rely on the latest technology and innovation as fundamental pillars for the improvement of aircraft safety.

AX-40S Hybrid System

Why Us?

We want to save lives. We care about aircraft safety. Our system provides up to 20 extra minutes of flight time in the event of engine failure.

Innovation is what best defines us. The AX-40S hybrid system is designed by the best engineers with extensive experience in the aerospace sector.

Saving is important. The hybridization of the plane reduces both operation costs and maintenance costs.

  • Hybrid propulsion system for aircrafts AX-40S
  • Hybrid propulsion system for unmanned aircrafts AX-40U
  • Fully electric propulsion system AX-100E
  • Electric motor controller AXC-40
  • Intelligent battery management system AX-BMS
  • Customized battery manufacturing
Design and manufacturing of lithium batteries
Design and manufacturing of electric motor controllers
Design and manufacturing of battery chargers
Equipment certification
Aircraft certification
Aircraft modification

Values are subject to the aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft.

Our clients

Cranfield University
Grabat Energy
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Associate members

CT engineering group
Power Smart Ctrl
European Union

AXTER AEROSPACE was selected for the ESA BIC (Business Incubation Center)

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