Electric Propulsion, Generation, Distribution and Energy Storage Systems

Axter is specialized in the development of hybrid/electric propulsion, electrical generation and distribution systems for Aerospace and Defense Sectors

- More Electric Aircraft (Hybrid/Electric Aircraft)
- H2/Fuell Cell Powered Aircraft
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Hybrid/Electric Propulsion

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Hybrid / Electric Propulsion

Axter develops complete Hybrid/Electric Propulsion Systems & Electric Generation and Distribution Systems for aerospace and defense sectors

We have an extensive experience, having developed since 2011 hybrid & electric propulsion systems for ground, naval and aerial vehicles. The company offer a full and inegrated solution to our customers:

  • Design and architecture
  • Components integration: Electric motor, electric motor controller, battery (with BMS) and control panel
  • System integration with the vehicle
  • System qualification
  • Our technology applies to electric aircraft and fuell cell aircrafts as well as defense applications




    Neumann European Defense Funds

    The project “Novel Energy and propUlsion systeMs for Air dominance” (NEUMANN) aims to address propulsion and energy systems technologies required for a highly efficient powerplant, able to deliver at the same time increased electrical power generation and increased thrust-to-weight ratio, which are necessary to cope with the mission requirements and operational needs of the next generation of fighter aircraft.

    Leaded by GE Avio and Leonardo, Axter participates in the electrical power generation and leads the  energy storage system.

    NEUMANN offers an opportunity to pursue the technological development of electric power and propulsion systems for the sixth generation of aircraft for the air domain. It is a key project which has, among its priorities, the enhancement of European defense and technological industrial base.


    React II European Defense Funds

    In the context of the fast-changing electromagnetic warfare environment and given the rapid current military capabilities shortcomings of the EU Member States in the area of Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA), REACT II will bring all the progress made and the lessons learned from REACT I (funded under EDIDP-2019). The REACT II system solution will be capable of performing Escort jamming, Stand-Off Jamming, Stand-In Jamming, Electronic Warfare Command and Control and Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities, ultimately improving reliability and security for operations. Related PESCO project: Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA)