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Company policy

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Company Policy

Quality Policy

AXTER AEROSPACE, we are company with more than 10 years of experience in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of custom-made state-of-the-art electronic equipment and electric batteries; with extensive experience in the aerospace and defence industry, which allows us to position ourselves as a solid company with great future prospects.

Our products and services are adapted to the needs of the market and customers, providing a complete and integrated solutions (electric motor, controller, converters, batteries, control panels and control and monitoring software) based on the design required, the necessary architecture and the integration of components/systems) with the customer’s platform/vehicle.

The mission of AXTER AEROSPACE, is to provide solutions aimed at optimizing the design, development and manufacturing of electronic equipment and electric batteries and promoting the development of a sustainable world. Being our key objective to become a reference company in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic equipment and electric batteries. This is why the Axter General Management has decided to implement a Quality Management system in the company, based on the UNE-ISO 9001:2015 standard. In addition, the Axter General Direction is the responsible for establishing the principles and derived objectives, establishing a framework of reference, to guarantee their achievement, with the necessary resources, as well as the commitment to comply with the regulatory requirements and of customer, and to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The reliability of our processes, compliance with delivery times and the specific training of our staff, guarantee us a competitive place in the market and the loyalty of our customers.

The General Management reviews and approves the risk assessment, where the potential risks resulting from the analysis of the context, the interested parties and the company’s processes are analysed, thus preventing and avoiding deviations and making decisions to minimize possible non-conformities. But at the same time, business opportunities, growth and continuous improvement are also analysed.

Quality is a commitment and responsibility of all AXTER AEROSPACE personnel, which work to comply with applicable requirements and it is committed to work achieving a continuous improvement of the quality management system. This Quality Policy is reviewed annually for its adjustment to the context of the strategic organization and direction. Quality policy is communicated and available to the relevant interested parties.

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Company Policy

Quality Objectives

In the application framework of the Quality Policy and the improvement process in AXTER AEROSPACE,
the quality objectives targeted by the company for 2024 period, have been established as:

To cover a market necessity (DDFM&S of electronics equipment’s and customized batteries) [*] and to Generate a consolidate and growing benefit, which will be executed through the following goals:

✓ Maintenance and improvement (if necessary) of the intentioned tool for integral management of the quality in AXTER AEROSPACE (“MasterDocAX”).

✓ Application on the integral quality process, over projects on-track, new potential projects arriving along 2024, and at overall the company level.

✓ To consolidate our customers and suppliers’ satisfaction and confidence, with the continuous application of processes, procedures and specific instructions, for the Risk & Opportunities management, lessons-learnt, Customer and Suppliers management and Problem-Reports (PrRs) and Non-Conformities (NoCs) management.

✓ To go into certification process of the ISO 9001:2015 standard rules.

✓ Updating of the document templates, website, informative signs and advertisements by 2024, and spreading information on achieving the ISO 9001:2015 quality stamp, when obtained.

✓ Compliant with milestones of projects/orders on-track, in performances, time, cost and quality.

✓ Continue giving visibility to the company and its portfolio, virtually, in scheduled visits and fairs.

 To achieve an increase in the number of clients and the consolidation of current clients.

✓ Consolidate resources and increase capabilities to maintain the company’s growth and its consolidation in the market. It may be necessary to increase resources in the case of obtaining a contract with serial production.

✓ To prepare and submit the company to internal audits, and at least, to one external audit also, in order to renew the certification of the UNE-ISO 9001:2015 standard in its first year period.

✓ To obtain net profit.

✓ Economic, financial and operational situation report of the company for company’s shareholders, at the corresponding ordinary meeting.

These objectives have been defined in total agreement and commitment by the Executive Management of AXTER AEROSPACE and the Quality Department, and with the approval and acceptance of the technical direction, Engineering and Manufacturing areas of the company.

These objectives have been analysed and integrated into an execution schedule, to ensure the viability of its application in a timely manner, and allowing monitoring of their development, and taking mitigation measures, in the event that risks or difficulties are identified during development and application. The objectives will be totally visible and available to people interested in the Axter quality management system (through website and in information panels).

[*]: Design, Development, Manufacturing, Commercialization and after-sales Service.