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Years experience in power electronics & batteries for Aerospace & Defense

Our expertise makes us a valuable partner for individuals and organizations aiming to advance electric and hybrid aircraft, as well as to develop a more sustainable aviation industry.

Our technology has been seamlessly integrated into an extensive array of aircraft designs, including fixed-wing aircraft, zeppelins, solar powered airplanes, vertical take-off and landing vehicles, airboats and other naval and terrestrial transportation.

Today the company specializes in power electronics and battery systems for hybrid/electric propulsion, as well as electrical generation and distribution systems within the Aerospace and Defense Sectors.

As attested by our clients, Axter excels in delivering outstanding products within remarkably short timeframes.


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Madrid (Spain) as starting point for the new era of hybrid/electric propulsion systems for aviation.

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AXTER as part of CT

AXTER becomes an strategical partner of the CT Engineering Group

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World's pioneer hybrid kit for airplanes

First fully operational hybrid airplane flight.

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Power electronics and batteries

Entire value chain in battery systems, electric motor/generator controllers, as well as AC/DC & DC/DC converters.


AXTER participates in the ELECTRA project, in collaboration with the University Carlos III of Madrid, Power Smart Control, Wavenet Radio, and CT Engineering Group

The project ELECTRA, with the file number RTC-2017-6667-4, approved in 2017 Call for Retos-Colaboracion Spanish State Program of R+D+i, oriented to the Challenges of the Socity, recieve funds by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and co-financed through European Union FEDER funds with the main objective of promoting technological development and innovation

Funded by: FEDER/Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades – Agencia Estatal de Investtigación / Proyecto ELECTRA: Electric Aircraft Platform (RTC-2017-6667-4)